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5 Spin Slot Method – Does Playing Just 5 Spins Really Work?

One of the most popular slots strategies recently is the 5 spin method. Developed by Professor Slots, the theory is one of many claiming to increase a player’s chances of winning.

But does the 5 spin method really work?

We’ll debunk the 5 spin slot myth in our 666 Casino blog post below.

What Is The 5 Spin Method?

The 5 spin method is a strategy in casino slot games where the player is supposed to play up to 5 spins only before moving to the next game. The concept behind it is to try and chase ‘tastes’ (1st wins) and cash out before accumulating losses.

Professor Slots, a popular YouTube slots streamer, was the first to develop the theory.

Does The 5 Spin Method Work On Slots?

The 5 spin method doesn’t work on slots because slot games are random. Slots use a Random Number Generator (RNG), a mathematical algorithm that generates millions of sequences each second, resulting in random spin outcomes.

So, the game doesn’t know if you’ve played 5 times or just started playing.

The RNG treats each spin as a new entity, independent from the last. That’s why predicting any outcomes or patterns in the game is impossible.

Where Did The 5 Spin Slot Method Originate?

Jon Friedl, or Professor Slots is behind the 5 spin slot method theory. He’s a physicist, teacher, and engineer. Professor Slots claims to use his knowledge from these fields to advise players on casino gaming.

According to Jon, you only need 5 spins on a slot before moving on to the next game. The strategy is supposedly meant to help you spread out potential losses.

How Many Spins Should You Give A Slot Machine?

There is no set amount of spins to play on a slot machine. Each spin is random. So, you could possibly win within the first 5 spins, or you could play 500 spins and not win anything. The RNG ensures random and unpredictable results.

Spins are independent of each other. So, if you land a winning spin, it’s not because of any earlier decisions.

You can give a slot machine as many spins as you want. Or, you can stop playing once you stop having fun.


The 5 spin slot method cannot work since a slot game is random. Past spins don’t affect gameplay because all the spins are independent. How many spins you choose to play on a slot machine is ultimately down to your own personal preference. Please gamble responsibly.