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How Do You Trigger The Free Spins Bonus on Slot Machines?

Many slot players enjoy the free spins bonus offered on some slot machines. It allows them to play a number of extra spins at no additional cost. Depending on the game, the spins awarded in the bonus round could range from 3, 10, 100, or more!

So, you generally know what the bonus round entails, but how do you trigger the free spins round? Let’s explore this in more detail in this 666 Casino blog post below.

What Is A Free Spins Bonus?

A free spins bonus offers a predetermined number of free games at no extra cost if activated during the base game.

Typically, free spins bonuses can potentially be unlocked on any random base game spin. As long as you are playing a slot that offers a free spins bonus round.

You can usually find out if a slot offers this type of bonus round via the paytable and game rules. 

How Do You Trigger The Free Spins Bonus On Slots?

Depending on the slot game you play, you can potentially land the free spins bonus in several different ways. For example, some slots might require a special scatter symbol combination of 3 or more on a single spin.

Other slots may require 4+ scatters, or a bonus wheel trigger. If the bonus wheel appears on the screen, you spin it to see how many free spins the pointer lands on.

You can typically view how to trigger the free spins bonus via the paytable.

How Often Can You Trigger Free Spins?

Slot games are casino games of chance, so the potential activation of the free spins bonus round can happen on any random spin.

The Random Number Generator (RNG) determines when the free spins will land. Unfortunately, we cannot predict the RNG results since it generates millions of number values every second. So, we don’t know how often we can trigger free spins. It’s all random. You may trigger it on the first spin, or not at all.

Which Slot Machines Have The Most Free Spins?

Check out the slot machines that offer a free spins bonus at 666 Casino below.

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins, etc.) mentioned in relation to these slot games are subject to change at any time