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Game Review of European Roulette

In the year of 2020 the portfolio of online casino games available to us punters is largely dominated by slot games as there are literally thousands to play. Second to this, poker online is relatively popular which means that roulette is a little further down the pecking order than its casino rivals. This doesn’t really reflect the real world of casinos as the roulette table is often the busiest place to be on the casino floor, so what’s going on? Is it the fact that people prefer to play roulette with other people? Or are people just not aware of the availability of online roulette games?

Well, we’re hoping to make a change to that as we genuinely feel like players are missing out, especially when there are games available like 1x2 Gaming’s European Roulette. It’s a lovely 3D roulette game with exciting graphics and pretty accurate ball physics, which make it feel much more believable than some other online roulette games that we have played. On top of this, the sound design adds to the immersion of 1x2 Gaming’s European Roulette.

Interesting, right? So where is good to play it? At this time, you can play 1x2 Gaming’s European Roulette at jackpot casino sites world-wide, but we recommend 666 Casino in particular.

About 1x2 Gaming - the Developers of European Roulette

1x2 Gaming may not ring many bells for a lot of players. Their portfolio is pretty small at this stage in time but we’re hoping that changes in years to come as the casino games that they have produced so far are very nice to play in terms of the graphics and usability, and on top of this they lean towards generous RTP percentages.

1x2 Gaming produce a variety of different online casino games, including video slots and roulette games such as European Roulette, which you can play at jackpot casino online site 666 Casino, or Dream Jackpot as you may also know it as.

A Closer Look at the Gameplay of European Roulette 

European Roulette by 1x2 Gaming is a wonderfully designed game that follows the rules of European Roulette as opposed to its American counterpart. You can bet different amounts on individual numbers, sections of the board or just black or red if you want to play it cooler, but you can also put pretty high stakes on as well which is a lot of fun if you want to be a bit more risky.

To clarify, the difference between European Roulette and American Roulette is that in the European version there is only one green zero to contend with, as opposed to the two in the American version.

With an RTP of 97.3% this game has a generous give back to the player, meaning that the winnings are a little higher than other games comparatively.

Last Thoughts on European Roulette 

You can play European Roulette from 1x2 Gaming at the best jackpot casino sites such as 666 Casino today.

Game rules can be found within game.

RTP: 94.59

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