Live Caribbean Stud

Summary of Live Caribbean Stud

Live Caribbean Stud is a variation of poker that’s fun, fast and exciting. Live Caribbean Stud by Evolution Gaming is a house-banked online casino game where you chance your skills against luck. This casino game is one of the more fast-paced types of poker so if you’re looking for a quick casino game then Live Caribbean Stud could be the one. As it’s a live version, you’ll play this game in real-time making it very interesting! You’re competing against the house live for a chance to win some great cash prizes.

Evolution Gaming - The developers of Live Caribbean Stud

Evolution Gaming, founded in 2006,  is an online casino games operator that goes above and beyond to excel the expectations of casino gamers. They are one of the top live casino providers in the industry and have won several awards for their top casino games. Some of the awards Evolution Gaming has won over the years include the Innovation in Casino Entertainment award at the SBC Awards in 2019 and Online Casino Retailer of the Year at the Global Gaming Awards. If you enjoyed Live Caribbean Stud, you may also like these Evolution Gaming titles:

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Playing Live Caribbean Stud

Live Caribbean Stud is a variation of poker. It’s one of the quicker poker games and involves no deception or bluffing. This casino game is played against the house. It’s a pretty simple casino game where you bet to an open hand and then bet again when the cards have been dealt.

You can play Live Caribbean Stud from your computer or mobile device. You’ll play against the house live and will see the dealer dealing cards on the poker table which has various cards. When playing Live Caribbean Stud, you can chat with the dealer via the text chat box.

You’ll begin the game by placing a bet. The dealer will then deal 4 cards that are facing upwards. Next, 5 house cards will be dealt, 4 of which will be face down. When the cards have been dealt, you will then choose if you want to place another bet or fold and lose the bet you have already placed. Hands will continue to be dealt until the shoe is empty.

Live Caribbean Stud Bonus Features

5 1 bet - There are a few special features in this casino game. The first one is the 5 1 bet. If you can create a three of a kind or more with the dealer’s face-up card and 5 of your cards, you’ll get a good payout.

Progressive jackpot - All players who play Live Caribbean Stud will contribute to the progressive jackpot. The jackpot is won by getting a hand of a flush (or something better!).

Verdict on Live Caribbean Stud

If you enjoy a game of poker and looking for something fast-paced then Live Caribbean Stud is the perfect option. Being a live casino game makes it more interesting and it can get very exciting with the progressive jackpot.

Game rules can be found within game.

RTP: 96.29

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