Live Three Card Poker


This game is fast, highly realistic and is packed with opportunities to win! 
Playing only against the house can sound a little daunting initially but there are various measures at play to put players at ease. For instance, the dealer cannot play if they don’t have a Queen or anything higher. There are also 2 additional side bets that can be placed to further your chances of winning.

About the Game

Before we dive into the gameplay, we have to take a moment to appreciate the amazing life-like visuals of this online casino game. The dealer, the surrounding, the angles, it all looks like you are actually in a casino! This certainly adds to the thrill of the game. 
Now, before the game begins the player is invited to place an initial bet. Once the dealer announces that no more bets can be placed, the cards are dealt. You will have some time to examine your 3 cards, you can decide whether you would like to play the bet or fold. For the dealer, they would require a queen or higher in order to play. 
In the instance that the dealer does not have higher than a queen, the initial bet is paid off 1:1. If the dealer does qualify to play, the 2 hands are compared and the higher-ranking hand wins the round.
There are additional bonus bets that can be played. Below is an outline of what they are and their respective payouts.
This is the initial bet that was placed. If the player receives any of the following hands below, the payout is as follows. 
- Straight Flush will give player 5:1 
- Three of a Kind will give player 4:1 
- Straight will give player 1:1
This is a side bet that can be placed. The aim is for the player to receive a pair or better. 
- Mini Royal will give player 100:1
- Straight Flush will give player 40:1
- Three of a Kind will give player 30:1 
- Straight will give player 5:1 
- Flush will give player 4:1 
- Pair will give player 1:1
This is another side bet that can be placed. The aim is for the player to make the most powerful 5-card poker combination using their own cards as well as that of the dealer’s. 
- Royal Flush will give player 1000:1 
- Straight Flush will give player 200:1 
- Four of a Kind will give player 100:1 
- Full House will give player 20:1 
- Flush will give player 15:1 
- Straight will give player 10:1 
- Three of a Kind will give player 7:1


The initial impression of this game is simply great. The visuals are so realistic it really seems like you’ve been transported to a poker table in a proper casino. The game then further impresses with its little deviations like 6 Card Bonus and Pair Plus Bonus Bets. It’s a great variation of poker that allows for fast hands and quick returns!

Game rules can be found within game.

RTP: 96.63

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