Live Ultimate Texas Holdem


Do you love poker but fail to manage a poker face? Do you love gaming but are also tired of playing against machines? 
If you answered yes to both those questions above, then my-my do we have a game for you! Live Ultimate Texas Holdem is an online poker game that puts up players against live dealers! It’s all the fun of poker minus the appearances of black-ties and poker faces.

About the Game

Like most other holdems’, Live Ultimate Texas Holdem follows the concept of the best hand wins! The player in this version of holdem is permitted to raise once per hand and no more than that. 
The rest of the gameplay is not too different from the usual holdems. Below is a quick outline of the process of the game and other terms. 
As always, the game will begin with 2 cards being dealt in a face-down fashion. These cards are only visible to the player itself and no one else. 
Upon receiving these 2 cards, players have the option to Check, Bet, or Fold. After this 3 cards that are to be shared will be placed face up on the table which will be followed by yet another round of betting. Then a fourth shared card will be placed face up which will lead to another round of betting. Followed by the final shared card, and the final bets. 
- Check: This is when you choose not to allow for any betting. This can only be done if there has not been any bet during that round. 
- Bet: This clearly means you would like to place a bet 
- Fold: You can choose to not play this hand if you are not happy with your cards
- Call: This is when you match a higher bet placed by another player 
- Raise: This is when you choose to place a higher bet than what has been placed on the table
- Hole Cards: This refers to the initial 2 cards dealt to you
- The Flop: These are the 3 shared cards that were dealt in the middle of the table
- The Turn: This is the 4th shared card that was dealt
- The River: This is the 5th shared card that was dealt
Royal Flush: 5 Card sequence with the same suit starting with a 10 and ending with an Ace: 10 J Q K A. 
Straight Flush: 5 Card sequence with the same suit. No specific numbers required as long as it is a sequence for example: 6 7 8 9 10. 
Four of a Kind: Having 4 of the same value cards like 4 Jacks, 4 Eights, 4 Kings, etc. 
Full House: 3 cards of the same value 2 cards of the same value for example:
J J J 5 5. 
Flush: 5 random cards (no sequence required) with the same suit. For example 
4 7 9 Q A all of which are diamonds.
Straight: 5 cards that form a sequence but do not share the same suit. For example:
3 4 5 6 7. 
Three of a Kind: Having 3 cards of the same value like 3 Jacks, 3 Eights, 3 Kings, etc. 
Two Pairs: Having a pair of 2 same-valued cards. For example 2 Fives 2 Tens. 
One Pair: Having 1 set of same-valued cards. For example 2 Fives. 
If you do not have any of the options above, your highest card will play. 


Live Ultimate Texas Holdem delivers a real casino experience which is paired with experienced dealers that play with you in real-time. An ideal game for poker lovers who are not terribly keen on commuting to the casinos.

Game rules can be found within game.

RTP: 97.82

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