Aloha Cluster Pays

Paradise, isn’t it so blissful? Well, check out for yourself in this online casino!

Summary of Aloha Cluster Pays Slot

Welcome to the island, an island home to riches untold, the kind that can make any poor man rich! Although this island appears serene, one should be warned; there’s an active volcano on this island. The kind of volcano that can cause all kinds of devastation to those not respectful of its power! Behold, Aloha Cluster Pays, a 6 reel slot from developer NetEnt. It is a cluster slot that gives its players countless opportunities to come out on top. Are you brave enough to wander across this island looking for gold? There’s plenty of it if you are…

Playable from 10p per spin, Aloha Cluster Pays is one of the most recognisable online slots in the world right now. And, in all honesty, is our personal favourite slot. Why we love this slot so much comes down to just how different it is, from its unique gameplay to the number of bonuses you are given access to! Please do yourself the favour of reading the rest of this review in full, there’s a lot to discuss that should help you in your slot travels here!

Expectation vs Reality when betting on this slot game

Aloha Cluster Pays might be one of developer NetEnt’s finest casino games to date. Yes, they’ve found success across some of their other gaming titles, but none have come so close to the levels that this slot has. What can you expect from this slot? You can expect a truly original online slot experience, the kind that only crops up every once in a while; a true rare gem in a sea of faceless pretenders. So many developers have tried to emulate the same levels of success as NetEnt, but all fail; there’s only one Aloha Cluster Pays.

Playing Aloha Cluster Pays

Aloha Cluster Pays is a cluster slot if you don’t know what that means then allow us to explain. Most slots work on a classic reel and pay-line layout, Aloha Cluster Pays plays out over a hexagon, one that has no distinct pay lines for you to look out for. The way you win in this slot remains the same, all you need to do is group symbols together (in a cluster) to win! Master this slot and you’ll be rich beyond your wildest dreams, fail, and you’ll face the wrath of the volcano!

This slot is playable from as little as 10p up to around £200 per spin. It goes without saying, but the more you play with the better off you’ll be in terms of your scores and payouts! If this is your first ever cluster slot experience then we’d advise you play for lower amounts. This will allow you to get a better feel for the game and will allow you to progress more naturally. Well, this is compared to playing on a high amount and just hoping for the best.

We understand that this slot isn’t to everyone's liking. This is unfortunate since it’s a fantastic slot but it’s just what’s going to happen when there are so few cluster slots out there right now! Once you get a hang of this slot then everything else will just fall into place! We should point out that there is an autoplay mode for those out there who want to watch how it’s done and still make some money out of it! Simply select however many games you want the CPU to play for you and step back!

Bonus Games/Bonus Features available on Aloha Cluster Pays

There’s plenty of additional features found in this lot to keep punters entertained across countless spins. These bonuses all play out a little differently depending on the amount of cash you’ve set down as a starting bet. This is useful if you are someone looking to make a lot of money from this slot. If so, then you’ll need to be using these features to take full advantage of the games high RTP percentage! Here are but a few features:


STICKY WIN: A cluster win here can randomly trigger a sticky win! What happens here is that the winning symbols are held in place as all other symbols continue to spin. The goal here is to hope that you can add to your line win with a much larger amount! Should the cluster size increase, then the player will be given another respin.


SUBSTITUTE: Look out for the substitute symbol. This useful feature can appear anywhere on the board. It comes with a chance of providing players with the highest win possible! This symbol works in a very similar way to a wild symbol found in other NetEnt titles. You won’t hit this every time, but when you do it will definitely help!


FREE SPINS: Look out for the free spin symbols across the board, these serve as the games only entryway into the free spins round. The more of these symbols you can match the more free spins you’ll earn in one go! There are up to 12 free spins up for grabs here, so make sure you’ve got your fingers crossed at all times just to make sure!

Hit or Miss?

Make no mistake about it, this slot is a hit and nothing else! We love this slot for all of the reasons outlined above. Not only is it fun to play, but it actually offers you something different compared to the other drab slots that exist! Tell us you’re happy playing the same games that utilise the same formula time and time again and we’ll get ready to call you a liar. This slot is special and one that every player should check out for themselves! Play Aloha Cluster Pays today!

NetEnt - The Developer of Aloha Cluster Pays Slot Machine

Developer NetEnt over the years has developed quite the relationship with its core player base. The years have been very kind to NetEntertainment. They have provided players with countless memorable experiences. These experiences span countless genres and countries! The only limits to their games are your own imagination. This is arguably their greatest appeal as a company who puts out nothing but the quality on a yearly basis! With NetEnt at the helm, you are always going to be guaranteeing good times and fun, which is what this industry is all about. Slots to check out:


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Game rules can be found within game.

RTP: 96.42

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