Automatic Roulette


Roulette is probably the most iconic of casino games. It’s the game at the focus of The Gambler by Fyodor Dostoyevsky and also appears in numerous films Casablanca, The Sting, Madagascar 3 and Toy Story 3. Automatic Roulette is based on European Roulette where there are 37 coloured and numbered pockets on the wheel. In Automatic Roulette, the gameplay is automated so that the interface controls when you place bets and so on. Its great graphical quality and automation are key attractions of Automatic Roulette.

About the Developer

Founded in 1996, Swedish game developer, NetEnt, is licensed in Malta and since 2006 have grown in popularity to become one of the besk known slot developers in the world. Employing over 1000 people globally, they deliver premium content to many of the world’s most well-known online casino operators. They provide many high-resolution card games in online casino format. And they also provide roulette games in online casino format.

About the Game

Automatic Roulette casino game guides you through placing bets and the results by automated spinning and voice simulation calling out when you can place bets and what the result is.
If you don’t know how it works, bets are placed and a wheel spins one way while a ball spins the other. When the ball falls onto the wheel and all spinning stops, bets are won or lost.
Hot numbers those that have been called out recently and cold numbers those that haven’t are on display so you can use these to help you pick if you don’t have ideas already. However, be aware that roulette is based on chance and so there is no guarantee that a hot number will continue to be hot.
Click Help to view the rules.

How to play

Place your bets when the call to place your bets is issued, using the five chip sizes available. You can only do this while the yellow Place your Bets’ banner is shown on screen.
You can make a huge variety and combination of bets. You can bet on the inside table sections on a single number, more than one number, groups of numbers. You can bet on the outside table sections on high or low numbers, even or odd and red or black or groups of 12 numbers.
Then sit back and wait awhile as the wheel and ball spin in opposite directions.
The winning number is called out and if it falls in any of the areas where you’ve place bets, you’ll see a win.

The Verdict

Automatic Roulette casino game has great graphics and offers a way to play Roulette without the distraction of a dealer calling out as in live roulette. There are many variations of roulette available to play, so if you like NetEnt’s Automatic Roulette why not try the following casino games too:
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Game rules can be found within game.

RTP: 97.30

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