Blackjack Classic


Blackjack, these 2 syllables almost seem to encapsulate the foundation of casinos and gambling. The game is almost an immortal in this sphere enduring time and changes. 
So it is always a pleasure to introduce the classic’ version of this game just as the Casino Gods intended. A game so pure, it requires absolutely no embellishments or frills. 

About the Game

Blackjack Classic retains the essence and beauty of this all-time favourite game. They’ve made it fun-sized, allowing you to take this timeless treasure with you wherever you go.
The aim of the game is as simple as reaching a sum total of 21 or as close to 21 as you can get. Anything over 21, that is 22 or above, will result in an instant loss. That is pretty much the gist of the game. This simplicity is probably the key to its brilliance and secret of its ever-lasting nature. 
But as all things in life go, you always have an opportunity to spice things up and take them in slightly different directions. Blackjack is no different. Although the premise of 21 always remains, there are various strategies and betting options players can select if they so please. Below is a quick summary of the general guidelines, lingo.
- The most basic thing to begin with is values. It is important that you know how much each card is worth. From the numbers 2 to 10, their value directly corresponds to the number they reflect. As for Jack, Queen and King, they are each worth 10. Ace gives players the option of playing it as a 1 or an 11. 
- Blackjack does not just refer to the game but also a winning hand. This is the best combination players can get which results in an instant win! Blackjack is made up of 2 cards that add to a total of 21. These 2 cards need to be an Ace Jack/Queen/King. 
- Busting/Breaking: The Blackjack way of saying you exceeded 21
- Hit: This can be said when you like to receive another card 
- Stand: This is said when you are happy with the cards that you have and choose not to receive any more cards 
- Face Cards/Pictures: Jack, Queen, King are also called Face Cards or Pictures
- Split: You can choose to split your cards if you receive cards of the same value in the initial deal. That means if you got 2 same cards dealt to you, you have the option to separate them. This will let you play them as separate hands, essentially doubling your chances of a better win! 
- Double: If you feel that the 2 cards you have been dealt will do well with just 1 more additional card, you can choose to double your bet. 
- Insurance: This is a side bet to be placed if the dealer’s exposed card is an Ace. To win this bet, the dealer would have to land a Blackjack. If that happens, your initial bet is doubled!


Blackjack Classic delivers exactly what its name states. It is Classic, and it is Blackjack. It is a great game to download to keep you practising and in tune with a game that will outlive us all! 

Game rules can be found within game.

RTP: 99.75

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