Caribbean Stud Pro - Low


Caribbean Stud Pro Low has stripped the usual poker to its bare essence. It is all about the cards and their combinations. The game simply has no room for bluffs and deception. And, we must say, it is a refreshing change. 
The game not only keeps things simple, it also has minimized potential loss with a low betting range. Making this variant ideal for novices or players not looking for anything too financially pressing. 

About the Game

Caribbean Stud Poker is an easy-breezy version of standard poker. You are only playing against the dealer, there is no bluffing necessary it is a simple what you have is what you play’ type of game. This is especially ideal for single players who are playing online. 
To win in this game, all you need is a better hand than what the dealer has. This may not be too difficult to do as the game is a much-simplified version of general poker. Given that there is no bluffing involved, whoever has the better hand wins. The only thing is, bets need to be placed before the cards have been dealt.
In this game, players are permitted 1 hand per round. So the 5 cards you are dealt are it there is no possibility of a substitution. The hands follow the format of poker rankings with the exception that the dealer loses if they don’t carry either a King or an Ace. If the player wins, they receive the following payout. 
- Royal Flush will give players a 200:1 payout
- Straight Flush will give players a 50:1 payout
- Four of a Kind will give players a 20:1 payout 
- Full House will give players a 7:1 payout
- Flush will give players a 5:1 payout
- Three of a Kind will give players a 3:1 payout 
- Two Pairs will give players a 2:1 payout 
- Single Pair will give players a 1: 1 payout
- Ace King will give players a 1:1 payout 
Royal Flush: 5 Card sequence with the same suit starting with a 10 and ending with an Ace: 10 J Q K A. 
Straight Flush: 5 Card sequence with the same suit. No specific numbers required as long as it is a sequence for example: 6 7 8 9 10. 
Four of a Kind: Having 4 of the same value cards like 4 Jacks, 4 Eights, 4 Kings, etc. 
Full House: 3 cards of the same value 2 cards of the same value for example:
J J J 5 5. 
Flush: 5 random cards (no sequence required) with the same suit. For example 
4 7 9 Q A all of which are diamonds.
Straight: 5 cards that form a sequence but do not share the same suit. For example:
3 4 5 6 7. 
Three of a Kind: Having 3 cards of the same value like 3 Jacks, 3 Eights, 3 Kings, etc. 
Two Pairs: Having a pair of 2 same-valued cards. For example 2 Fives 2 Tens. 
One Pair: Having 1 set of same-valued cards. For example 2 Fives. 
If you do not have any of the options above, your highest card will play. 


Caribbean Stud Poker Low is a direct version of poker where higher hand = win, and lower hand = lose. You have the decision to up your stakes if you’ve landed impressive cards or fold if you haven’t. It is a great starter game for people trying to get into poker or for poker players who are after some simplicity.

Game rules can be found within game.

RTP: 97.42

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