Dbl Exp Blackjack Pro - High

Summary of Double Exposure Blackjack Pro – High

Double Exposure Blackjack Pro – High online casino is an upgraded version of blackjack for professionals who really know the intricacies of the game. NetEnt has a reputation for spicing up a regular game into some distinctive game, and this is what it has done here. Exposure Blackjack Pro – High online casino is somewhat away from what you get in your usual blackjack, although it's a blackjack game with some rule retained.

A game for players looking to stake high, the wager here is limited to 25 Pounds and 500 Pounds. But with the high stake comes high payouts, as you would expect some in this game if you have Blackjack. Read more of this review below, and proceed to play on 666 Casino.

NetEnt – the Developers of Double Exposure Blackjack Pro – High Casino Game

Double Exposure Blackjack Pro – High casino games no is a product that comes off the shelves of NetEnt. NetEnt has played a pivotal role in the growth of the iGaming industry up to where it currently is. NetEnt was founded in 1996, from which time it has championed high-value professionalism in the pattern of slot releases. A testament to this is that the first-ever online casino software in the iGaming industry is credited to NetEnt.

Given its reputation as a leading developer, one would expect this largely successful developer to relent, but that's far from it. In this regard, NetEnt has continued to partner quite a number of budding developers and even acquiring some, such as Red Tiger Gaming. NetEnt has reached such a hallmark in the industry that whenever one sees its games, even without information, one would know. Thus, in the plainest words, NetEnt is the embodiment of uniqueness and the ultimate standard for casino game development.

Some games developed by NetEnt include those below:

  • Mega Dragon;
  • Golden Lotus;
  • Dead or Alive 1 & 2;
  • European Roulette et al.

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Double Exposure Blackjack Pro – High Gameplay and Symbols

As you place your bet and get your coins, you are dealt 2 cards alongside the dealer. Your cards are up-facing, while those of the dealer are also up-facing, unlike what you get in a typical blackjack game. As in a typical blackjack game, you and the dealer strive to get the Blackjack first (a hand value of 21). If neither you nor the dealer gets the Blackjack, the first to get closer to it wins the game.

As you might know, blackjack games, getting a hand value bigger than the Blackjack will bust your game. Where you get a Tie Bet with the dealer, the dealer wins the game. With the 2 dealer's cards facing up, you have an advantage; perhaps that accounts for why the payout here is 1:1 instead of the 3:2 in regular blackjack games. So, with high professionalism comes with a touch of high risk.

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Last Thoughts on Double Exposure Blackjack Pro – High

Double Exposure Blackjack Pro – High casino game is quite a catch for players who wish to hit it big. You would find this game fun and thrilling while filled with class. So, head to 666 Casino and play this game and win very massively!

Game rules can be found within game.

RTP: 99.33

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