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Game Review of French Roulette Low Limit

In a world of online casino where slots are the most popular, other online casino games are often left in the dust and roulette is one of these, alongside the likes of poker and blackjack too.

Luckily for us there are still game developers like NetEnt in the world to hold down the fort for us online roulette players. Also, there are jackpot casino sites online such as 666s Casino to be able to host these games.

About NetEnt - the Developers of French Roulette Low Limit

Those who play online casino games will understand that NetEnt are probably just about the biggest and the best in the business. Formed in Sweden back in the early ‘90s, they have gone on to established themselves as one of the very best software development companies in the world, so you know when you are playing an online casino game that has been created by NetEnt then the likelihood is it will be a cracking game to play. You can play some of their games, such as French Roulette Low Limit, at jackpot casino 666s Casino or 666 Jackpot.

A Closer Look at the Gameplay of French Roulette Low Limit

Online roulette games tend to consist of either live games where you play along with a real life dealer using a real table or graphics based games where you can just play at your own pace. French Roulette Low Limit is the latter of these two options.

It is a beautifully designed game that follows the rules of European Roulette as opposed to its American version. You can bet different amounts on individual numbers, sections of the board or just black or red if you’re feeling a little less risky.

You may have come across the online casino game French Roulette High Limit on your exploration of jackpot casinos online, so to clarify the difference between this and French Roulette Low Limit - essentially, one game allows for higher bets and the other allows for low bets and with some casinos, you can play for free. So, if you are a little apprehensive about getting involved with online roulette or just want to try it out first, or you just don’t fancy betting the big bucks then it is possible that French Roulette Low Limit would be the better option of the 2 for you.

Last Thoughts on French Roulette Low Limit

Playing French Roulette Low Limit is a lot of fun because the graphics are great plus you can play without having to commit to spending money in the process. While it is nice to play with others in the virtual domain, we preferred NetEnt’s offering to the live casino options available overall.

You can play French Roulette Low Limit from NetEnt at the best jackpot casino sites such as 666s Casino today.

Game rules can be found within game.

RTP: 97.30

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