Roulette Pro


This game will spin you right round. Right round like a record, some might say, it goes right round. 
Don’t get dizzy with the spinning wheel because this game is exceedingly fast. Designed for the professionals of roulette playing, Roulette Pro has fine-tuned its betting options with its fast-pace that ensures players call for bets with a snap of their fingers.

About the Game

Roulette Pro has a great presentation and it is especially suitable for players who like to play fast. There is not a moment to be missed with all the excitement of turning wheels and jumping ball.
The game also allows you to switch between different angles where you can view the wheel from a variety of angles. Furthermore, you can choose to switch the direction of the wheel! If that’s not enough to rock your socks, the game allows players plenty more customisation authority! Such as background music selection, and even how fast you’d like the wheel to spin. 
The presentation and features of this game are very impressive. But to take full advantage of the game, you need to ensure that you are familiar with the bets available. They come in 2 categories: Inside Bets and Outside Bets. Below is a quick description of what they are.
These are bets that are placed within the table rather than those placed around the single numbers (which are Outside Bets). Below are examples of bets you can place in this category. 
- Straight Bet: This refers to the bet on a single number where players can place a chip in the area of the number and if the ball lands there, they win. 
- Split Bet: This is when a bet is essentially split’ between 2 numbers that are next to each other either horizontally or vertically. The chip, in this case, is placed on the line that falls between the 2 numbers. 
- Street of Three Line: This bet has to be placed horizontally, and as the name implies, on 3 numbers in a row. The placement of the chip has to be on the furthest left of the third number, on the outer line. 
- Corner: This bet involves 4 numbers, 2 of which need to be vertically next to each other, and the other 2 horizontally next to each other. Essentially these 4 numbers need to form a square. The chip needs to be placed at the intersection of the 4 numbers. 
- Six Line: This is a bet on 6 neighbouring numbers. The chip needs to be kept on the furthest left of the 1st and 4th number. 
This refers to the bets that are placed around the single numbers (rather than within the table which are called Inside Bets’) Below is an outline of the different Outside Bets you can place.
- Column Bet: This bet involves any one of the vertical rows. Players will have 3 to select from: Left, Middle, Right. The chip needs to be placed at the bottom of the selected row. What this does, is it places a bet on 12 numbers simultaneously. 
- Dozen Bet: This bet also places a wager in groups of 12 in consecutive rows. So the bet can be on the first 12, second 24, third 36, etc.
- High Bet: This bet is placed on the high numbers, which are between 19 to 36
- Low Bet: This bet is placed on the low numbers, which are between 1 to 18 
- Red or Black: This bet is placed on colour rather than number
- Odd or Even: This bet is placed on 2 categories as well either even number or odd number 

The Verdict

Roulette Pro is a fun online casino game that allows players plenty of independence to customize the game to their liking. It emulates the real version perfectly and perhaps surpasses it in certain ways. A great game that we highly recommend!

Game rules can be found within game.

RTP: 97.30

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