Single Blackjack - High

Slot Review of Single Blackjack – High

Single Blackjack – High online casino game brings on a blackjack game with one deck of cards, as against the usual 4 to 8 or 10 on most Blackjack games around. Single Blackjack – High online casino has a simplified feel that is complemented with a low house edge that ranges from 0.5 to 0.20 in most casinos. More so, and in contrast to the low version, Single Blackjack – High has a stake that ranges from 1 Pound to 40 Pounds per game.

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NetEnt – the Developers of Single Blackjack – High Casino Game

Single Blackjack – High online casino was developed by NetEnt, one of the most significant entities in the iGaming industry. NetEnt has been at the top echelon of the industry since its establishment in 1996, chiefly because of blazing several trails. Some of the notable games (all-round) in the industry are credited to NetEnt.

Some games by NetEnt are as follows:

  • Coins of Egypt;
  • Arabian Nights;
  • Dracula;
  • Creature from the Black Lagoon and other numerous casino games.

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Single Blackjack – High Gameplay and Symbols

Single Blackjack – High online casino operates with a Blackjack value of 21 (which is the highest number), of which the first player with it wins. This means that if you obtain a hand value of 21 or any other number closest to it before the dealer, you win. While the dealer wins if she has such hand value or a number closest to it. You should, however, be careful not to bust or get above 21, as any of both outcomes will result in a loss of the game.

After your bets are placed, you are offered two cards, with both facing up. The dealer is also dealt two cards – one facing up and the other, down. With the cards you and the dealer each have, you are to pick first if you have less than the Blackjack. So, you either Hit (picking a new card when you have less), or Stand (and let the dealer pick her card), or split cards or double down.

If the dealer decides to hit, she must hit on Soft 17, and if she decides to stand, she must stand on a Hard 17. Thus, a dealer must pick another card when he only has 17 points, but the new card must have her within 21, else the dealer loses. Where neither the player nor the dealer gets the blackjack or gets more than it or gets busted, the person with the number closest to the blackjack wins. Do understand that Single Blackjack – High pays 3:2 to a winner.

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Bonus Features and Free Spins in Single Blackjack – High

  • Royal Match

Royal Match is a side bet you can make on Single Blackjack – High online casino. Royal Match rewards 3:1 when you get an Easy Match, with suited first two cards. When you get the Royal itself, the reward is 10:1, with the Royal Queen and King offered to you.

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Last Thoughts on Single Blackjack – High

Single Blackjack – High online casino UK has both great wagering options and low house edge, what else could be better than those! That's why we recommend that you play this game on 666 Casino and get the best payouts while enjoying yourself!     

Game rules can be found within game.

RTP: 99.83

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