The French Roulette

Summary of The French Roulette

A cool thing about roulette online is that the RTP tends to be a little better than that of online slot games or bingo, and The French Roulette is a testament to that as it comes in at 98.52%.

You can play The French Roulette from anywhere between £1 and £500, so if you’re the sort of gambler who likes to play big, then The French Roulette will suit you with its huge maximum stake.

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About NetEnt - the Pioneers Behind The French Roulette

Of all the online casino developers in the world, NetEnt is possibly the most famous, or at least in the top three. The Scandinavian giants have perfected just about every form of jackpot casino, including slot games, bingo, and apparently roulette too!

With hundreds, if not thousands, of online casino games to their belt, NetEnt are an absolute force and the whole world of online gambling would not be the same without them.

You can play a whole tonne of NetEnt casino games, The French Roulette included, at the best online casino sites, such as 666 Casino.

Playing The French Roulette

The important thing to remember about The French Roulette is that it follows the European rules of roulette as opposed to its American counterpart. This means that there is just the one green zero to contend with instead of the two in the American version.

This is something to consider when deciding upon which rules you want to play. Having one green zero is a symbol of luck to some, and if you’re betting 50/50 on red or black then the European version slightly lessons the chance of the ball landing on either.

The call bets are a little different in The French Roulette than they are in other forms of online roulette, and include neighbours, zero, tiers and orphelins. All of these are worth looking into before you start playing The French Roulette as they may suit your betting style and assist with the convenience in the overall gameplay.

Our Take on this Online Game

NetEnt’s The French Roulette is a classic version of European roulette. It’s well designed, easy to play and visually engaging which is just about all you can ask for when it comes to online roulette.

The execution of online casino games by NetEnt is always impeccable and The French Roulette is no different to that. It’s important to play it in the right place though, so why not take up a host such as the best online casino 666 Casino? While you’re there, take advantage of a great signup offer and win some free spins in the process. It would be rude not to!

Game rules can be found within game.

RTP: 97.30

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