Oil Mania Scratch


Aren’t you just itching for that oil field? To strike big and exit out? That is exactly what Oil Mania Scratch delivers to players. 
The game is an online scratch and match game, a variant of the online slots Oil Mania.’ It is apt in its relevance about the commodity of oil, and it has spun it wonderfully to a Scratch and Match online game. What’s more, the game can fetch you up to 1000 times your stake! 

About the Developer

NextGen Gaming tends to release its games under their partners’ names and therefore their name tends to get overshadowed. They have, however, released several great games over the years. Below are a few examples: 
- Blood Lore Vampire Clan 
- Merlin Magin Respins Christmas
- An Evening with Holy Madison 

About the Game

The Oil Mania Scratch is a Scratch and Win variation of the popular online slots game. 
Fashioned around the scratch card model, the game features a 3x3 scratch card. From these 9 options, the objective is to land a matching combination of 3 cards which will lead to a win! 
It is useful to note that the game adheres to a paytable chart of the symbols found on the card and their corresponding rewards. Below is a detailed outline of the symbols and the returns you can expect from them. 
3 Profit Graphs = x2 of your stake 
3 Briefcases of Cash = x5 of your stake 
3 Golden Cars = x10 of your stake
3 Oil Workers = x50 of your stake 
3 Oil Rigs = x100 of your stake
3 Business Tycoons = X1000 your stake
1) To begin the game click on the button that reads Play’ 
2) The scratch game will present itself on 4 game panels 
3) Players can then select how what bet they would like to place on each of the scratch cards. The bet can range from 20p to £200. 
4) There is also an option of Reveal All’ which will expose the hidden symbols of the game 
5) The Scratch and Win will now commence. You will now have to locate 3 matching symbols in order to win. If you are not able to locate 3 matching symbols, you will have to begin playing the game from the very start.
6) It is possible to win multiple prizes on the same scratch card
7) To understand your winnings, you should refer to the paytable 
8) The total winnings are a calculated by the multiplication of the initial betting amounts for each scratch card


This is a very entertaining game with a great premise and social relevance. Though the general theme of the game is heavy it is executed in a fun-filled and easy manner. It comprises of a wide betting range making it relevant to a big audience and offers hefty returns of up to x1000 times your initial stake! It is an all-round great game, centred around luck and finding your very own oil field!

Game rules can be found within game.

RTP: 95.43

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