Book of Dead

Ancient Egypt Is Full Of Gold and now live on the best online casino!

 Summary of Book of Dead Slot

Welcome to Book of Dead! This slot takes all of the best parts of ancient Egypt and transforms it into one of the most excellent slot games! This was created by Swedish developer Play N’ Go. They are a very successful online casino developer. They have created some of the best, premium casino slot games available!

Time to get into the specifics. Book of Dead is a 5 reel, 10 pay-line online casino slot game. It is one of the easiest to get to grips with. All players, from any skill level, can come in and quickly understand this game. Are you looking for reasons to play? Look no further than the game's 250,000 coin jackpot. This huge prize can be won at any moment. This means every spin truly counts!

The theme of Ancient Egypt is nothing new to avid online slot players, so, what does Book of Dead do differently? Well, the answer is short and sweet: quite a lot. We should point out that this is a mobile-optimised game, so you can play wherever and whenever you like! Want to learn more about the Book of Dead? Check out the rest of our written review below!

About the Developer of Book of Dead Slot: Play N’ Go

Play N'Go is Sweden’s online casino games powerhouse developer. They are the sort of developer who churns out nothing but hit after hit. They have done, consistently, for many years now and show no sign of slowing down. Play N’ Go was founded in 1997. This makes them one of the oldest online casino software developers in the world right now!

You might assume that the quality in their games would dip as the years went by. Thankfully, this just isn’t the case. They continue to create premium slot titles. If you’re looking at other slots to play from this developer then there are quite a few to choose from. Here’s a collection of some of our personal favourites:

- Ace of Spades

- Enchanted Meadow

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And many, many more!

About Book of Dead video slot features

Book of Dead is packed full of surprises. Watch these unexpected events unravel as you play! If you want to make the most of this slot, then you should bet with the highest amount possible. To play, you will always need to set your coin, and bet amounts accordingly. The minimum bet that can be set here is around 0.10. This is definitely helpful for new players and those who just wanna play for fun!

To win in this slot, all you need to do is line up as few as 3 symbols in the same line. Then, you can watch as the pharaohs bow at your feet! Matching 5 of these symbols will be your ticket to the highest scores possible. So, we recommend you try to prioritise those. Each symbol here offers something different from the number they represent. Symbols in Book of Dead are expertly done. They all take the shape of various ancient Egypt-related symbols.

One of the great things about the Book of Dead is that it offers players a mix of both low and high-value symbols. Players are required to try and match these across the board. All low-value symbols in this online slot are represented by hieroglyphic symbols. These are symbols that are styled to fit the theme of this Egyptian slot. Look out for the Anubis and Osiris symbols, as these are the highest-scoring symbols on the board here.

Available Bonuses in Book of Dead

Gameplay can be incredibly fast-paced at times. This is perfect as it means your wins are coming as frequently as possible. You are always kept on your toes. The visuals in this game remind us of the temple run scene in the Indiana Jones movie. The reels themselves look eerily similar to this scene. The only difference is you aren’t personally filling your boots full of sand. Definitely check out the mobile version of this slot too, it’s equally as good as its desktop counterpart.

In terms of bonus symbols, you’ll find plenty of that in Book of Dead. All bonuses here work towards giving you the best scores possible. If you are wanting those massive scores, then you will want these bonuses as often as possible, trust us! Bonuses here come fast and wildly, so be prepared! Here are a few of the many bonuses you’ll find here:

Wilds: Players will often receive Wild symbols. These are symbols which can replace any other symbol on the reels, bar the scatter. Match the wild, and you’ll find that most symbols on the board are transformed. And, then they are replaced with scatter symbols, instantly. Wilds score pretty nicely too, so they’re definitely worth seeking out.


Scatter: Scatter symbols are earned as a result of matching the wild symbols. The more wilds you find, the more scatters that will appear on the reels. Match these scatter symbols, and you will unlock ‘free spins’ in return. Match more scatters, and you’ll add more free spins to your game.


Free Spins: Free spins are an exciting aspect of this online slot game. Free spins give players the chance of multiplying their scores, tenfold. Free spins are like regular spins. The only difference is every win is heightened in every way, shape and form. Free spins will be where you can earn up to 5,000 times your initial bet when matching certain symbols.


Jackpot: The 250,000 coin jackpot is one that many keen archaeologists have been chasing! This jackpot will not be unlocked easily. It will require a lot of patience as well as countless spins. So, please don’t go thinking that you’re going to just waltz into Book of Dead and take all the booty!

Game rules can be found within game.

RTP: 96.21

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