The Mayan’s Are Hiding Gold in this online casino.

Summary of Contact Slot Game

Contact from developer Play N’ Go has the perfect amount of mystery involved. It is the sort of mystery that you will want to unravel as you play! In all honesty, the name Contact does not do this slot any justice. So, try to judge this slot based on the merits we’re going to discuss in this review here. Expect plenty of bonuses and lots of vibrant colours from this one!

Just look at this slot and tell us that you’ve seen something similar. Contact is a slot that offers punters something completely fresh and interesting. It is a trendsetting game that will no doubt inspire a lot of developers out there who are looking to recapture the same magic here. Symbols cascade in Contact, meaning they drop down and can be matched in all sorts of ways!

Contact is a 5 reel game, a slot that is known to most as a cluster slot. To those of you that don’t know what a cluster slot is, essentially you are going to be matching symbols in blocks that can form on any level. Regular slots tend only to give you wins based on one line, this isn’t the case with Contact. Learn more about this slot by reading the rest of the written review below!

About the Developer of Contact: Play N’ Go

Swedish developer Play N’ Go has a very long and storied history with online casino games. This is a developer who understands what makes for a cool and interesting game that attracts attention on a global basis. Just look at any of the popular games in their catalogue if you need any evidence of that.

These guys have a lot to offer players — take a look at Contact, a game that is on another level compared to some of the other games that’s out right now. Play N’ Go has been around since 2005 to give you an idea on their experience level. Most developers don’t make it past the first year, so what does that tell you about this developer?

It can be quite difficult to pick one slot to play from these guys as there are so many hits to check out. But if we were to narrow down a select amount of games we’d recommend you look at some of the following:

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About the Features of Contact Slots

Contact is a game you will want to take a few hours out of your day to enjoy fully that’s for sure! If you’ve played Aloha Cluster Pays before then this slot will feel incredibly similar. The only difference is Contact looks and feels a lot better in our opinion (and we love Aloha Cluster Pays). Experiencing this game for the first time is unlike anything you’ve ever seen or felt before, trust us.

Those of you out there that have never played a cluster slot before shouldn’t worry. Contact is incredibly easy to grasp once you’ve got a couple of spins under your belt. Cluster slots are a lot more fun compared to your more basic left-to-right game; Clustering symbols is a lot more rewarding!

The setup is exactly the same as any other game, you’ll first need to set your bet and coin amounts before you can begin playing for yourself. Coins range from as little as 0.20 to 100.00. This provides players with quite a lot of options when it comes to betting options. Keep in mind that the more you set down, the more money you’ll ultimately earn.

Play N’ Go has always been incredibly skilled when it comes to creating immersive games. They create games that hook you from the moment you begin playing. Contact is arguably this developer's finest looking slot to date. The art style of Contact is second to none. It utilises a lavish mix of muted background colours, and bright colours at the forefront, in the reels.

Special Symbols available in Contact Online slot

All symbols in Contact offer something different as far as scores are concerned — how they look ain’t bad either! All symbols take the shape of ancient animals that are carved into various block stones. Clustering more of these symbols in the same block will net you more cash. Once matched, new symbols will appear from above (think Tetris mixed with an Indiana Jones-like theme).

Those who aren’t confident in their slot gaming abilities will find that the games autoplay mode very help. Autoplay essentially gives the games computer a chance to play for you. Don't be alarmed though, all earnings going straight back to you. All you need to do is select a number of games that you want the CPU to play for you and hit spin! It’s worth noting that this mode can be stopped or started at any time.

Bonus symbols in Contact will definitely help you earn the most money possible with each spin one partakes in! With these bonuses, you can earn x4 respectively using these bonuses! In a cluster slot like Contact, there are plenty of different ways to come out with quite a high amount indeed!

Win Multiplier: We touched upon it a little above, but the win multiplier here can help you utilise your clusters more effectively. Fill the entire second, fourth and sixth row and you’ll earn a multiplier of up to x4 instantly! If you can cluster symbols on the top row, you’ll gain entry into the bonus round feature.

Bonus Round: The bonus round in Contact will instantly give you 3 free spins to play with (if you gain entry into the super bonus round then you’ll start with 6). Essentially any winning cluster that you have won will stick to the board. When matched, these symbols will be multiplied even higher and will have modifiers applied.

Game rules can be found within game.

RTP: 96.55

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