Crystal Sun

If you have heard the tale of Icarus, you will know not to get too close to this one!

Summary of Crystal Sun slots

If you enjoy intergalactic spinning slots, you are going to love Crystal Sun. We would never tell you to stare directly into the sun. It can cause very serious permanent damage to your eyes. But, in this slot and this online casino, you can! The sun glares from behind the reels, making them shimmer and glisten in angelic fashion.

If you are a fan of NetEnt's popular online casino games, Starburst, then you are probably going to enjoy Crystal Sun, too! It is a very similar game in terms of the theme and simplistic style of gameplay. Like Starburst, Crystal Sun is a 5 reel slot played out over 10 pay lines total; the pay lines found here are fixed. The great thing about slots like these is that you can play from as little as 10p a spin. This allows you to play for fun, with a low-risk game! 

Play N’ Go is the developer of the online casino slot game, Crystal Sun. Play N' Go are a developer who has released quite a few popular games in the past. However, none are quite like this one. This is why we would advise you read the rest of the review below, to find out when this game is just so good at being great.

Expectation vs Reality on Crystal Sun

We had heard quite a while ago that Play N’ Go were cooking up something that would rival the power/popularity of Starburst, and finally, it’s here! Crystal Sun is well worth the hype. Anyone telling you something different is delusional. Honestly, missing out on this slot is the equivalent of missing a lunar eclipse! 

Crystal Sun does a great job in keeping the gameplay as simple as possible. Allowing you to come in and spin without limitations! The bonuses are great, the gameplay is fun, and the overall experience is one that will have you coming back for more! 

About Crystal Sun Casino Game

To experience the all-powering Crystal Sun one must first wager a bet in the game. In this game, bets can be set from as little as 10p, and up to £100. This gives you options in terms of how you want to play! Since the game is so incredibly easy, we could see players wanting to play with higher amounts for the big cash payouts. In terms of what you’ll be matching, Crystal Sun features various space-themed symbols for you to combine with each spin! 

To earn cash in Crystal Sun, the goal is simple: match symbols in groups of 3-5! The more, the better. You will find beautifully illustrated planet symbols on the board, as well as classic slot symbols in the bars and red 7s. Each symbol offers different winning amounts. So, be sure to check out the paytable to see what scores the highest! 

In terms of appearances, Crystal Sun is definitely up there with some of the most ambitious online casino slot games out right now. The graphics of this title rival any that come into its orbit. The dark background does an excellent job in highlighting the colours featured on the planet symbols. We would be daft not to mention the soundtrack of Crystal Sun; it does a great job in creating ambience.

Bonus Games/Bonus Features available on Crystal Sun

WILDS: Be sure to look for the star symbol, as this symbol serves as the chosen wild here in Crystal Sun. Stars will substitute symbols on the reels, causing new symbols to appear. Matching wilds will award players with a three-times multiplier for finding them too!

RESPINS: Respins are a great way of getting another chance at a failed spin. All you need to do is find a wild symbol in the middle reel for this bonus to kick into gear. Wilds will expand when you land them on the middle reel. They will grant the player an instant re-spin! 

Other Games by Play N’ Go - the Developer of Crystal Sun slot UK

If you have ever come across a developer by the name of Play N’ Go, then you already have an idea on what you’re getting yourself in for! These guys are known across the globe for their innovative ideas and concepts that take you places. In the case of Crystal Sun, those places are out into space glancing at planets, but this is just one example! 

Play N’ Go hail from a small town called Vaxjo, in Sweden. One of the great things about this developer is how humble they are despite having multiple awards to their name. You’d think that sticking with the same winning formula is an easy decision to make, but Play N’ Go are still experimenting to see what sticks. 

We understand that there’s a lot of options to choose from right now if you want to play something else from Play N’ Go. This is why we’ve picked three games that you should check out. Each offers something a little different, so go check them out; tell your friends: 

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Final Thoughts on Crystal Sun

Ask anyone who has played this slot before what they think about it. Most likely, they will all tell you the same thing: it’s a space-epic that you will want to return to again and again! We have played enough space-themed games to know which are worthy of your time and which aren’t. Crystal Sun definitely falls under the former! You don’t need a spaceship to float amongst the stars, all you need is 10p and some courage; now off you go! 

Game rules can be found within game.

RTP: 96.60

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