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Bingo Calls UK List – Funny, Rude & Modern Bingo Slang

In the world of bingo, calls aren’t just about the numbers; they’re a vibrant tapestry of humour and cheekiness that adds to the game to prevent it from becoming stale. Let’s dive into the Bingo Calls UK List – a concoction of the funny, the rude, and some modern calls that are starting to crop up.

Funny Bingo Calls

In the realm of amusing bingo calls, the game takes a detour from the conventional to the downright whimsical. Imagine your bingo caller declaring, “Two Fat Ladies – 88!” The numbers in bingo often come with quirky phrases attached, and quickly, the game also becomes a test of your poker face.

Another one is “Droopy Drawers – 44”. The humour doesn’t stop there; “Life Begins – 40” is an ode to the famous phrase that claims “life starts at 40”.

These funny calls add an extra element of entertainment to a bingo game, which could get a bit monotonous if it was just numbers being read out one after the other. Bingo is no longer just about marking off your cards; it’s about enjoying the journey there, one witty call at a time.

Rude Bingo Calls

Rude bingo calls appeal mainly to a younger adult audience to keep players amused and interested. Bingo, traditionally considered an innocent game for the elderly, takes a saucy turn with calls like “Dirty Gertie – 30.”

“On All Fours – 44” is another classic example of a rude bingo call that keeps players on their toes, as is “Getting plenty – 20”. If you thought bingo was just a boring game played in a quiet hall filled with the elderly, these calls will make you think again.

Rude bingo calls have become incredibly popular as they are the ones that take players by surprise the most in the middle of the game, which adds to the gameplay experience for many.

Modern Bingo Calls

As bingo evolves, so do its calls. Modern bingo calls reflect the changing times, infusing the game with contemporary references that resonate with today’s players. Take “Tay Tay – 22,” for example; it refers to popular singer Taylor Swift and her famous song about feeling 22.

“Selfie Queen – 17” is another modern addition, acknowledging the stereotype of teenagers and taking selfies. Bingo is no longer stuck in the past; it’s embracing the present, one call at a time.

These modern calls bridge the generation gap, creating a bingo experience that’s not bound by age but united by a shared sense of humour. Again, it is doing away with the stereotype of bingo being a game for the elderly.

Traditional Bingo Calls

Amidst the laughter and modern flair, let’s not forget the roots of bingo – the traditional calls that have stood the test of time. “Two Little Ducks – 22” and “Unlucky for Some – 13” are just some of the iconic and beloved calls that are almost irreplaceable.

Traditional calls bring a sense of nostalgia, a reminder of the enduring charm of the game. In a world that’s constantly changing, there’s comfort in the familiarity of these classic phrases. 

Printable Bingo Calls List

If you’re looking to play bingo in person rather than at an online casino or even organise your own game among friends, you can find plenty of printable bingo calls lists online.

Simply go to your preferred search engine, type in “bingo calls list”, and seek one that appeals to you. It could be a traditional list or maybe a funny, rude or modern list. Then, all you need is to print it out.

There are so many different lists out there that you are spoiled for choice.


So, there you have it, a brief look into the different types of bingo calls you may come across in a land-based or online bingo hall. From funny and rude to modern and traditional, bingo calls have become the heartbeat of a game that continues to be popular among a wide range of different players. 

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