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Can You Record Slot Machines In a Casino, or Is It Illegal?

Recording devices and recording our everyday lives have become a norm in today’s society. We see people record their everyday lives for social media and other mediums of entertainment. But can you record inside a casino?

In this post, we will discuss whether or not you can record slot machines in a casino and explore whether or not it is illegal.

Is It Illegal To Record Slot Machines?

Recording a slot machine is not illegal, but that does not mean it is permitted in casinos. Also, whether or not you can record a slot machine depends on where you are playing your slot machine games.

If it is online, you can easily record your screen without any trouble or resistance from the casino because you are in the privacy of your own place and aren’t infringing on other people’s privacy. However, you may want to ensure that no personal or private information is visible in the recording.

However, if it is land-based, the casino may have restrictions, so it is best to check with the staff before recording.  

Can You Get In Trouble For Recording Slot Machines?

As we have mentioned above, recording a slot machine in a casino is not inherently illegal, but whether or not you are allowed is at the casino’s discretion. 

Therefore, you must understand the casino’s rules and conditions before you start recording. 

While recording your slot machine when playing online can be done easily, it is more complex in land-based casinos. 

So, if recording is prohibited in your chosen casino and you record anyway, you can get in trouble. 

Why Don’t Casinos Like You Recording Slot Machines?

There are various reasons why casinos may ban the recording of slot machines on their premises. One of the main reasons is the safety and privacy of the casino’s staff and patrons. 

People from all walks of life go to a casino for entertainment and may not want to be in other people’s videos, so the casino may ban recording to maintain privacy. Some of the reasons casinos may not allow the recording of slot machines are exclusive advertising rights.

They may have media companies that advertise for them exclusively, and having their products or venues seen on other people’s videos may be a violation of that agreement. 

Another reason may be for security purposes. The casino may not wish to allow photos that may be used to document their security systems.

Can You Take Pictures of Slot Machines?

Again, the answer to this question depends on the casino. Some casinos may allow it, and others may not. 

Others may have specific conditions you need to meet before you can take pictures of slot machines, such as whether or not you are using props such as tripods and lightning or just using your phone camera.

Again, the best course of action is to always check with the casino before recording or taking pictures of the slot machines. You do not want to be caught breaking the rules of a casino and risk being removed from the premises or banned for good.

Are Cameras Allowed In Casinos?

In general, cameras are not forbidden in a lot of casinos, but this can be a case-by-case situation. In previous years, cameras were strictly forbidden, but recently, a few casinos have allowed people to take pictures with cameras inside their casinos.

However, you may be asked to leave with your camera if you are caught taking pictures of patrons or recording live tables

But, as we’ve mentioned, this is casino dependent, so you need to check with the casino before you whip out your camera to record. 


In conclusion, using a camera and recording slot machines in a casino is not illegal. But, for various reasons, each casino may have different rules and regulations surrounding the taking of videos or using camera devices inside their casino.

So, if you wish to record slot machines or take pictures of your screen as you spin the reels, consider playing your slot machines in online casinos such as 666 Casino. Online casinos are the most lenient when it comes to the use of cameras and taking videos of slots. 
Remember to be safe and keep any and all personal information out of the recordings and photos to avoid being scammed or unwittingly putting your information out there. Always play your slot games responsibly.