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How Much Money Do Slot Machines Hold?

Slot machines, or fruit machines as they’re sometimes known, are a popular source of entertainment in both traditional casinos and their online counterparts. However, many people often wonder: how much money do slot machines hold at any given time? The answer to this question is not as straightforward as one might think. 

How Much Money Do Slot Machines Hold?

The capacity of a slot machine to hold money can greatly vary. It is designed to accommodate a substantial amount of cash, often running into thousands of pounds. This is because it must have the means to cover multiple top payouts should they occur in succession or in a short space of time. 

The capacity of a machine is not just determined by its physical size but also by the hold percentage, a term that refers to the portion of the betting coins that the casino retains for itself. This percentage is heavily influenced by the Return To Player (RTP) rate of the slot machine. 

Hold Percentage

The hold percentage on a slot machine is essentially the portion of the wagers placed that the casino keeps as profit. This figure is an estimated indicator of the casino’s potential earnings from the slot game and is calculated over an extended period of time. However, it’s important to note that the hold percentage is not directly related to the physical capacity of the machine to hold cash. 

A slot machine with a 95% RTP rate would have a 5% hold. This suggests that for every £100 wagered, the slot machine retains £5, on average. However, it’s critical to note that the hold and RTP rates are theoretical values calculated as an average from a large sample of spins over a long period. 

Return To Player (RTP) Rate 

The RTP rate of a slot machine is the percentage of money it, in theory, returns to players over time. This rate can differ greatly from one slot machine to another, ranging from around 70% to 99%. However, it’s vital to remember that the RTP rate will never reach 100%, as the casino needs to turn a profit. 

Again, it’s important to note that the hold percentage and RTP rate are theoretical values and, due to the randomness of slot games, may not be reflected in reality. 

Slot Machine Backing – A Sign It’s About To Pay?

There’s a common belief among some players that if they can hear coins dropping into the machine’s internal cash storage (the ‘overflow’) – a sound often referred to as ‘backing’ – it’s a sign the machine is about to pay out. However, this is simply a myth. 

The sound of coins dropping is just a mechanical process and doesn’t indicate an imminent payout. Each spin’s outcome is determined by the machine’s Random Number Generator (RNG), which ensures that the results are completely random and independent of previous spins or any external factors, such as the machine’s current capacity. 

Do Slot Machines Have To Pay Out When They Get Full?

Contrary to popular belief, slot machines are not programmed to pay out when they are full. The idea that the machine’s capacity is linked to its payout frequency is a misconception. 

The RNG generates random numbers or symbols that determine the outcome of each spin. This makes it impossible to predict or manipulate when a slot machine will pay out based on its physical capacity or the number of coins it holds. It doesn’t consider external factors such as the machine’s storage capacity. 

If, somehow, a slot machine gets full, a casino employee will come to remove some of the money from the machine, leaving enough to cover potential wins and jackpots. 

How Often Do Slot Machines Pay Out Jackpots?

The frequency of slot machine jackpots is purely a matter of chance, thanks to the RNG. The RNG produces random and unpredictable outcomes, making it impossible to predict which spin could potentially deliver a jackpot win. 

There is no quota to be met, and the odds of winning on a given slot machine are the same for every spin. So, you could potentially win jackpots back to back, numerous spins apart, or not at all. 

However, there are certain factors that can influence the frequency of hitting the jackpot. These include the slot’s RTP rate, the type of jackpot on offer (fixed or progressive), and the slot game’s volatility

Does It Matter How Much You Put In a Slot Machine?

It’s a common misconception among players that the more money they wager, the higher their chances of winning. However, the amount of money you put into a slot machine doesn’t influence your chances of winning. 

The outcomes of the spins are determined purely by chance, thanks to the RNG system, which doesn’t factor in the stake size. And, as mentioned before, the chances of winning are the same on every spin, regardless of your bet amount. 

The only difference it makes is the potential size of the winnings. If you place a higher bet and land a win, then the payout will be larger than if you place a smaller bet since the payouts are proportional to the bet amount. 

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