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Received a “You’ve Won a Prize on the National Lottery” Email?

Many people play the lottery every single week for the chance to win one of the prizes. But what happens if you do win? How would the National Lottery alert you? 

This casino blog post will explore what happens if you win the National Lottery. We will discuss whether or not the National Lottery contacts you via email after winning and what the email looks like.

Does the National Lottery Contact You If You Win?

Yes, the National Lottery does contact you if you win the lottery. Typically, you would receive an email along the lines of, “You’ve won a prize on the National Lottery. To claim, contact this number”, and then there would be a number to call.

If you bought your ticket in a physical store rather than the Internet, you may need to present it to the retailer to prove it has won. To be safe, carry other forms of identification to prove you are who you are.

You should note that the National Lottery will never ask you to provide personal information via email notification, such as your bank details or your National Lottery account login credentials. An email like that is likely a scam, so instead of clicking on the link they might attach to the email, call the National Lottery directly or log in to your account on their site.

How Quickly Does The National Lottery Email You If You Win?

You may receive the email from the National Lottery as soon as the draw is over. However, the exact time may vary. It could take a few hours after the draw or a couple of days before you receive the email.

However, if you have an account with the National Lottery, you can log in to your account to check if you have won. You can find the information in your “Transaction history.”

If you have won £5,000 or less, the prize will likely be credited directly to your account. If you have won up to £50,000 and played using Direct Deposit, the National Lottery may contact you by email and deposit the money to your account. Then, you may receive your winnings in your bank within 3 to 5 business days.

What Does The Email Look Like If You’ve Won The Lottery?

So, you have won the lottery and awaiting the email. What does it look like, and how can you identify a legitimate email from the scams? Well, for starters, the email will not ask you for any personal information or ask you to click on any links. 

A legitimate email from the National Lottery will look something like this:

Subject: “News about your ticket.”

Sender email address: [email protected]



“Hi. You’ve won a prize playing one of our draw games on (insert the day the draw took place). Sign into your account to find out more. “

“National Lottery Team”

Depending on how much money you have won, the email may or may not specify how much you have won. But, if you won a significant amount that requires you to call Camelot, the email may specify the amount and give you Camelot’s number to contact.

However, regardless of how much you have won, you will be contacted by email if you bought the winning ticket via your National Lottery account. If you are not sure of the legitimacy of the email or cannot remember playing the lottery, it is best to log in to your account or contact Camelot to verify.


The email you may receive for winning the lottery is generic and can be the same for all amounts, winners and draws in question.

That has, unfortunately, made it easier for scammers to try and scam people using the same kind of email. So, always double-check the information the email contains, no matter how promising, and never share personal information or click on suspicious links.

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins, etc.) mentioned in relation to this game are subject to change at any time.