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We feature over 1000 online slot games as well as a whole host of online table games like Blackjack, Roulette, and Poker.

There’s an exceptional range of both live and RNG based card games which both offer something a bit different. Our live casino offerings create an interactive gaming experience where you can enjoy an online chatroom with other players around the world, while playing some of your favourite games. 

What is Live Casino?

Live casino offers an online casino site uk streaming experience for players across the world. Enjoy live video footage of your table alongside a live dealer who you can interact with as well as other players via the chat box. Dealers will often welcome you to the table and acknowledge and congratulate you on your big wins as well as your unfortunate losses, that we hope you have very few of.

Live Casino creates an online casino experience with all the fundamentals of a land-based casino evening. Live Casino is available across a number of different games including Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat as well as many more Poker variations.

The History of your favourite Mobile Table Games

Online Blackjack

Blackjack is the game that’s sometimes known as 21, less frequently know by non-experts as Pontoon. But have you ever thought about where the famous game began. The games origins go as far back as 4000 BC… Not really… Blackjack as we know it today dates back to the French casinos of the 18th century. Back then, the game was formally known as Vingt-et-Du which when translated means 21. The game is said to be derived from other French games played at the time named Chemin De Fer and French Ferme which were popular games in revolutionary France at the time.

French colonialists took the game to America during the era of expansionism and the great exploration of the new world. Apart from some slightly different rules which permitted only the dealer to double, the game back then was almost the same as we see in online casinos today.

Online Roulette

I bet you’ve always wondered where your favourite online Roulette games first started. This page is here to tell you the history of roulette and how it became one of the most popular table games we know of today. It all started by accident with a man named Blaise Pascal. Pascal was a French physicist and mathematician whose ambition was far away from the casinos of Monte Carlo. Pascal set out to invent the first perpetual motion machine but what he stumbled upon by error was the Roulette wheel we know of today.

Over the years the game has taken pretty much the same form bar a few simple additions for the purpose of marketability and increasing the game’s excitement. The addition of the zero came as a surprise to many but this zero is now the focal separation point between American and European Roulette. But what’s the difference between American and European Roulette I hear you ask? Well that’s simple. The American have the double zero, while the Europeans have stuck with the single.

Online Poker and Baccarat

The initial origins of the game poker that we know and love today originated many moons ago in Ancient Chine in the tenth century, where the game was a 10-card domino game. Alternatively, many have staked their claim to the first true origins with some even claiming that the game descends from the Persian card game ‘As Nas’.

There are many different hands that can be played among Poker but only a few of them are worth having. The best hand of them all is the royal flush, this equates to all the picture cards including a ten or an ace. Then we have the straight flush, 5 cards in the same sequence all owing from the same suit. Next we have 4 of a kind and that’s right, you guessed it, this is simply when you achieve 4 of the same card irrespective of suit. For a full breakdown of all our Poker hands and some of the great games available on 666 Casino why not visit our all games pages or our dedicated slots page for a full breakdown of the many 3 and 5-reel classic slots games featuring on the 666 platform.