Play Online Jackpot Games

Jackpot games are definitely on the rise in terms of their popularity. With more and more players around the world moving towards them. After all, in many situations they’re practically the same as an online slot, but with the added bonus of getting your hands on huge jackpots, in some instances worth millions. Many of your favourite slots will probably have their own jackpot version too. For example, there’s Mega Moolah which is a progressive jackpot version of the classic original. But, if Jackpot games aren't the type of game you want to play, then you could always try Live Casino.

The excitement of a potential life changing win is just far too much for most of us to resist. Especially when you get to see it gradually raising in value over time as you play. Not to mention how well they perform now thanks to modern technologies. The graphics of these games have come on leaps and bounds, each one now presented in perfect high definition quality. Additionally, there’s some great gameplay features to each, as if the jackpots weren’t enough many of them even have their own additional bonus features. Some of these coming in the form of free and/or bonus spins or different bonus games where you can potentially win more prizes. Here’s a few of our favourite online jackpot games:

Mega Moolah

Potentially one of the most known and popular online slot games to ever exist. This one is developed and brought to you by the team at Microgaming. This is a group of developers who know exactly what the players want and have been crucial pioneers in the industry for over 20 years now. These five reels are set on a picturesque backdrop of the African Savannah, so be expecting a true safari with this one. As the symbols are represented through all your favourite animal friends. This game became so popular partly due to its massive payouts. In fact, it currently holds the largest jackpot slot pay out in history. With a record breaking £17 million won by Jon Heywood in October 2015, from a bet of only 25p. It’s insane to think you could win that much from such a small stake on a game. But that’s not all they offer, there’s also plenty of opportunities to win free spins, simply find the three scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. Three of them for a whopping 15 free spins, who knows you might even hit the jackpot with one of them. There’s also more alternative versions of the game like Mega Moolah Isis to try if you do enjoy the original.

Divine Fortune

This one’s from a competing developer, this time the mighty NetEnt are behind the creation of this top progressive slot. NetEnt are another consistently faultless iGaming developer in the industry. They’ve been around since the beginning of online casino too and have one of the largest games portfolios we’ve seen. This one has a focus on Greek mythology for its theme and it’s very impressive. Especially in terms of the visuals, emphasising on high definition graphics through-out to present a visually faultless backdrop and some very detailed symbols. The game also offers up some free spins, so you’ll never run out of entertainment with this one. Even the massive jackpots are actually awarded through a bonus game feature. The feature guarantees a win, so it will be the size of the jackpot win that you’ll be playing for, Minor, Major or Mega, see which one you can get your hands on. High rollers, with larger sized bets will be rewarded as they’re more likely to win the Mega sized jackpot, only fair of course.

To summarise, progressive jackpot slots can be both extremely rewarding as well as extremely enjoyable. Potentially seeing you win life changing money if you can pull off a win on one of the biggest jackpots. Just think about that guy who won 17 million on Mega Moolah, we bet he’s living a life of luxury right now. At our online casino site UK we have a wide range of jackpot games for you to take for a spin so why not hop on one right now and get spinning for your chance at some epic rewards.