Play Roulette Games

Roulette in its present form was played from as early as 1796 in Paris. So, this is a style of gambling that has a long history behind it. A game loved for various different reasons among a wide audience of different gamblers. One of the best and most important factors as to why Roulette has been able to become so popular is its simplicity. It’s a game based fully on chance, but the simplicity doesn’t mean a compromise for entertainment either. There’s no better feeling than when the ball slowly comes to a stop on your chosen number and you win up to 35 times your original bet. Don't forget you can also play this game in its live online casino version today.

There’s a whole range of different ways you can win money playing Roulette. That’s what makes it so entertaining as you get the chance to mix it up and take bigger risks for bigger rewards. Something a little different to your usual standardised betting amounts. There’s inside bets like the straight up that covers 1 number paying out a whopping 35:1. As well as split (covering 2, paying 17:1), street (covering 3, paying 11-1.) and more other inside bets. There’s also outside bets such as red/black, odd/even, high/low which all pay out 1:1. As well as dozens and columns which cover 12 numbers and pay 2:1.

Roulette Strategies

One common strategy used is the colours and columns system. This involves betting an equal amount on both red/black and one column. You have a 33% chance to win your column bet, but if it doesn’t come in you then still have a 47% chance to get the correct colour and break even. Who knows, you could win both bets.

Additionally, for more advanced styles of betting you can try section bets. This involves covering a large section of the wheel. There are numerous different section bets, but one of them is called tiers, this is a 6 piece bet with 12 numbers. The bet covers 5, 8, 10, 11, 13, 16, 23, 24, 27, 30, 33 and 36 by using 6 chips each with a split bet. If you’re looking for some top online Roulette Games here’s a few of our suggestions:

European Roulette

Nothing complicated about this game, everything is streamlined to make it completely user friendly. A true joy to use this interface as it plays flawlessly. To place your bets simply click the chips, selecting the amount you wish to bet with and drag them across the table to place your final bets. Once those bets are placed and you’re ready to test your luck spin the wheel. Thanks to this being the European version there’s none of those pesky double-zeros to worry about. This game has great graphics, something we’ve came to expect from modern day gaming, but this game is special when it comes to the visuals so don’t over look that. Additionally, you can select different types of section bets (Tiers, Voisons du Zero and Orphans) so you can speed the process up and add a fun alternative method of betting.

Double Ball Roulette

This one’s name is self-explanatory, you’ll be spinning the wheel with two roulette balls. The rules for this one is European, so just the one singular zero on the wheel. To win an inside bet only one of the balls have to hit. However, for an outside bet you will need both balls to be in the winning pockets. There’s not many games that look visually better than this one. It’s stylish and has high definition graphics to display it effortlessly and flawlessly. This overall interface and design is simplistic, easy to use and free from clutter. Since there’s double the chance of winning the payoff is slightly reduced for double ball Roulette but its still very comparable to regular classic roulette games. So, don’t let that deter you in any way.

All in all, Roulette is one of the most popular forms of gambling both in land-based casinos and online. There’s so much to love about it from its simplicity to the array of different betting strategies that can be used to both enhance your enjoyment and chances of winning. Make sure you check out our range of different online Roulette games at our online casino site UK.