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Play Slingo Games Online at 666 Casino

The online casino industry has been expanding rapidly, leading to more unique games being developed and played. Slingo is an excellent example of this, as it has been gaining more attention from UK players.

As you may have guessed from the name, Slingo is a mix of traditional Slots and Bingo. However, Slingo games tend to be played at a faster pace compared to Bingo, and they incorporate a fun single-line Slot mechanic below the playing grid.

If you’re a fan of either Slots or Bingo, try giving Slingo Slots a spin at 666 Casino!

Here at 666 Casino, you can play Slingo games online across any desktop, tablet or mobile device, and thanks to HTML5 technology, Slingo Slots can appear flawlessly across all platforms. 

Similarly to Slots, Slingo Bingo games come in many different shapes and sizes. Offering various themes with new games being produced regularly. Familiar titles such as Slingo Starburst and Slingo Berserk have quickly gained popularity in the online casino world, and all Slingo games can offer a modern twist on classic gameplay.

So, log in or join 666 Casino to play Slingo games online!

How To Play Slingo

Slingo is a hybrid game developed from Slots and Bingo. Players try to complete lines (Slingos) and coveralls, also called a Full House or blackout (a Bingo term used if every number on the card has been called), by marking off numbers on a 5×5 grid as they are spun on a 1×5 Slot reel below.

Each Slingo game starts like most online casino games. Once the game has fully loaded on your screen, you can set your preferred bet or coin amount. Coins can sometimes be used rather than actual currency amounts if that’s how you like your balance to be displayed. 

You will then be given a certain number of spins, typically 11, to play with.

Similar to Bingo, the aim of the game is to mark off as many numbers as possible. Some games may also incorporate special symbols such as;

  • Jokers – allow you to mark off any number in the corresponding column above
  • Super Jokers – grant the ability to mark off any number from the entire grid
  • Free Spin – awards 1 additional spin
  • Devils – block any potential number matches
  • Coins – award a prize

Comparable to Slots, you can view the game’s paytable and rules to see the win lines and read how any other special symbols or features work.

Players can move up the pay ladder if lines, or Slingos, are created. Generally, most games come with 12 win lines and 11 potential awards. This is because the last number on the grid can award 2 winning lines.

A Full House can be achieved by matching all the numbers on the playing grid, just like Bingo!

In Slingo XXXtreme, prize amounts begin to increase after creating 4 successful Slingos, and the top prize for landing a Full House is worth up to 1,000x your wager!

As mentioned, most Slingo Slots begin with an initial 11 spins. Once all spins have been played, extra spins can become available. However, these can only be played at a cost, usually above the base game stake. Each extra spin’s price depends on the grid position and potential prizes available. This price will be displayed on your screen, and you can choose to either Collect any winnings or Spin for the price advertised.

Additionally, most games offer control buttons where you can set your preferred maximum stake or coin amount, loss and any extra spin limits.

Best Slingo Games To Play

The best Slingo games to play often comes down to individual preference. Some might like some of the early games developed by Slingo Originals, and others may prefer those themed around popular slots, such as Rainbow Riches, Monopoly and Deal or No Deal.

Here at 666 Casino, we have an ever-expanding selection of the best Slingo games: 

  • Slingoooal – a football-themed game offering Wilds, Super Wilds, Red Card Blocking and Free Spin symbols. It also has a Wild Bonus feature where 3 or more Wilds or Super Wilds in a spin can award a prize.
  • Slingo Bells – developed by Slingo Originals, Slingo Bells is a Christmas-themed slot where you can win potential prizes for forming 4 or more Slingos. It also offers special symbols such as Coins, Santas, Presents, Xs and ‘Free Spin’.
  • Slingo Racing – set on a racecourse, you can select your horse before playing. It is a Multi-Pick game where you try to move your horse around the track to reach a multiplier for a possible prize. If you cross the finish line, you can win a Jackpot prize!
  • Slingo Extreme – a classic game offering prizes for every successful Slingo!
  • Slingone Fishing – a popular fishing-themed game where each Slingo achieved adds increasingly valuable Fish symbols to the playing grid. It also offers a Fishing Rod symbol that can collect all Fish in view.
  • Deal or No Deal Slingo – another great release from Slingo Originals based around the famous game show. First, you get to select 1 box from 26 options. Then, spin the reels, and any matching numbers can reveal a prize. The Banker’s Offer can come into play if you create 4 Slingos. If this happens, you are offered the chance to either Spin, take the Deal, or you can choose No Deal and open your selected box.

Play Slingo For Real Money

Here at 666 Casino, you can play Slingo for real money! With new Slingo games being released all the time, you will be sure to find the best collection of real money Slingo games right here at 666 Casino.

We are an online casino regulated by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), and as such, Demo and or Free Play games are not allowed. This means all the casino games offered on our site are real money games! 

So, you can play real money Slingo games for stakes ranging from a minimum of £0.20 up to a max of £10 online at 666 Casino.

Here is a short list of some of the other real money Slingo games we offer;

  • Slingo Berserk
  • Slingo Advance
  • Red Hot Slingo
  • Book of Slingo
  • Slingo Centurion

So, log in or create an account with us at 666 Casino – the UK’s best online casino – to play Slingo for real money!

Slingo Slots FAQs

Is Slingo similar to Bingo?

Yes. Slingo is similar to Bingo. The playing grid resembles a Bingo card, and players must match numbers on the grid with those on the Slot reel below. The more Slingos you manage to create, the bigger the potential prize!

What is a full house in Slingo?

A Full House can occur in Slingo if you mark off all the numbers on the playing grid. If this happens, you can win the top prize!

Where can you play Slingo?

You can play Slingo at the UK’s best online casino, 666 Casino!

What are the coins used for in Slingo?

Some Slingo games offer special stacked coin symbols that can award a prize if they land. Some popular games that offer coins include; Slingoooal, Slingo Bells and Slingo Extreme.

Is there a trick to winning Slingo?

You can win in Slingo by creating winning horizontal, diagonal or vertical lines. The more Slingos you create, the higher up the pay ladder you can climb!

Like any casino game, Slingo is chance-based and runs on a Random Number Generator (RNG). The RNG ensures that every outcome is entirely random and unpredictable, so there is no way to trick or rig Slingo games. 

Which Slingo game is best?

This question can be challenging because players often have different playing preferences. For example, some may choose to play games that offer a high max win. Others may only play games with a high Return to Player (RTP) percentage or a particular theme. 

The best Slingo game comes down to you! Play the slots that you enjoy most!

Is Slingo still a thing?

Slingo is a relatively new casino game created in 1994. It combines Bingo and Slots and is quickly becoming popular with many players from all around the world!

*All values (Bet Levels, Maximum Wins etc.) mentioned in relation to these slot games are subject to change at any time.